The Etiquettes of Wine Tasting Explained by the Experts at Yarra River Wine Tours (Victoria, Australia)

May 19, 2017 • Andrew Cairn

For those who haven’t ever lived in wine country, wine tasting tours can be pretty intimidating. Questions like how much to tip, how to ask for better stuff and should you buy the bottles even if you don’t want to, might keep popping in your head.

Don’t fret; the following are some of the best advice. Why? Simply: because they are doled out by the experts at Yarra river wine tours. Read on to see how you can make the most of your wine tasting experience and to find out more about private great ocean road tours, visit this page.

Wine tasting advice from the pros

  • Avoid wearing perfume or cologne. The actual flavour can become lost and you might not be able to inhale the fragrance of the wine.
  • Make sure you stay open to choices. Even though you may not prefer a rose, however, the key to successful tasting is to keep your options open.
  • Avoid showing off. If you are a wine tasting expert, try to keep your knowledge for those who are just as wine savvy as you are. Sometimes the staff employed at the tasting room is entry level and might not have your kind of knowledge. Doing so would only make you come across as a show off.
  • Avoid asking for discounts. It’s in completely bad taste and wouldn’t create a good impression about you. Often giving discounts is not an option and it makes the staff pretty uncomfortable.
  • Remember to have fun. Though some might take their wine tasting seriously, it’s also a great way to enjoy a fun day with loved ones.
  • If you want to taste the good stuff there’s no harm in asking. However, the request for that special flavour which isn’t on display might somehow increase the pressure for you to buy that particular bottle. After all asking for something and then not purchasing it is off-putting.
  • Don’t linger for too long. You may consider re-tasting the wine if you are serious about making a purchase. However no one likes to see patrons trying to get drunk and rowdy. It’s simply not done.
  • Get to know whether the wine tasting comes at a certain fees. You can’t possibly expect to taste the wine for free. However if you are wine tasting with a tour, chances are your fees might already be covered.
  • Avoid haggling. You aren’t at a fish market and haggling looks pretty distasteful. If there’s a deal it would be for one and all. Asking for special requests puts the staff in an uneasy position. They might not want to refuse outright and create a scene.
  • Would it be okay to tip? Well it all actually depends on the place where you might go wine tasting. There are few who may not be open to tips, while others don’t mind. There’s no harm in offering a tip.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you book a wine tasting tour in Yarra river for a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Please click here for more information on wine tour packages.