How to Plan a Romantic Degustation Date

Jun 26, 2018 • Andrew Cairn

If there is a special someone with whom you would like to enjoy an intimate experience that goes beyond the typical romantic restaurant, while still remaining in the comfort zone of good food and fine wine, degustation may be just the new adventure for you.

Perhaps you have heard the word before in fine dining circles but you may not know exactly what it means or how to go about planning such an experience for a significant other.

Not to worry: this straightforward guide will take you through all the steps for an intimate and illuminating degustation date.

1. Understand degustation

Degustation is a French word that simply translates to tasting, though we can think of it also as relishing. That is exactly what the dining experience is about: the mindful tasting of a variety of small servings of food so that one can savor and appreciate the color and complexity in every bite.

However, the food on a degustation menu is not served up at random. On the contrary, the chef is likely to have planned and prepared each course meticulously to compliment the next. Over the course of up to twenty small bites of food, you will find yourself on the receiving end not only of a comprehensive but also an enlightening fine dining experience.

2. Do your prep

Any good chef will give you the same advice: do your prep work in advance so that everything is perfectly laid out where and how you need it when the time comes to cook the meal.

You can use this advice for your degustation date as well. Plan and prepare every element well in advance so that you have everything when and where you need it to create a wowing experience for the object of your affection.

3. Use the element of surprise

From surprising your date by having everything planned out for a new and exciting experience to incorporating the element of surprise at the degustation restaurant itself, there are many ways in which the unknown can enrich your night of fine dining.

Just as the chef will meticulously plan out the tasting menu at your degustation restaurant of choice, so too can you plan to wonderfully surprise for your company with a well-planned date, if you are from Brisbane then I recommend visiting the restaurant for more information on french or vegetarian degustation menus.

Take time in advance to call the restaurant and book your degustation on a night when you know your date will be free but don’t tell him or her you have made any plans. If you want to ensure that they will remain available on that day you can ask if they will be able to help you with something such as helping you with a household project or babysitting your pet.

Once the date is set, you can arrange for the restaurant to include other surprises as well, such as a hidden love note or bouquet of flowers to be brought out with or in between the degustation courses. Finally, remember to be discreet and try to keep the evening a surprise until the moment you and your date arrive at the restaurant.

4. Season the night with mystery and learn something new together

To add to the surprise of your evening, have the chef hold the menu until the end of the meal. This may already be the practice at your degustation restaurant of choice and it is done to add to the mystery and enjoyment of each bite of food.

At a degustation restaurant, there are countless things to learn. Together with the mystery of guessing what has been served up to you comes the experience of learning how a dish is thought of, prepared, brought together, and plated by experts in the fine dining industry.

Showing openness to learn something new instead of showing off what you think you already know is an attractive quality in anyone. Taking your date on this shared learning experience can be a great way to show him or her your humility, open-mindedness, and curiosity for fresh knowledge.

This may give you fresh ideas for new things to try in your own kitchen or perhaps aid you in navigating the menu on your next dinner at a romantic restaurant or fine dining experience in Brisbane. Regardless, the shared learning experience is certain to bring you and your degustation date closer together.